LCD Computer Monitors--The Facts

Published: 19th March 2010
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Before people actually go out and purchase them, they obviously want to know what LCD computer monitors are. This article will explain how LCD monitors work as well as what features to look for when shopping for these types of computer monitors.

LCD Basics

First of all, the term LCD is a shortened way of saying Liquid Crystal Display, which is all these monitors actually are. LCD monitors have a crystal panel that is thin, flat, and capable of showing text, graphics, and videos. Most people find that the prices of these monitors are highly affordable; however, plasma computer monitors are slightly less expensive. The technology of LCD is not only used in computer monitors, but also telephones, video game consoles, watches, clocks, and DVD players. But the main advantage of LCD monitors is the fact that they are lightweight.

LCD Versus CRT

LCD monitors debuted on the market in order to take the place of CRT monitors as CRTs were not capable of being manufactured in larger display sizes. Also, LCD monitors do not use as much electric power as CRTs, which is why environmentally friendly computer users opt for LCDs.

However, LCD monitors did not start outselling CRT computer monitors until 2008. But now that LCDs have become the industry leader, almost everyone prefers their sleek, flat design. And if you decide to purchase one of these computer monitors for your own personal use, you can get a great deal by shopping smart.

LCD Sizes

Usually, LCD monitors that measure 19 inches are ideal for computer users. This size allows people to have a little extra width for their desktop or laptop viewing needs. And these 19 inch computer monitors are considered to be the best buy for consumers when comparing size and screen space.

The next size higher than 19 inch LCD computer monitors are computer monitors that measure 22 inches. These monitors give plenty of screen area for just about anyone. And these computer monitors are ideal for those with eyesight that is poor or people who spend a good part of their day looking at the computer. The bigger the screen, the more the relief on the eyes. Since most computer users spend at least two hours per day on the computer, the size of a computer screen is quite important.

LCD Prices

But if you decide to stick with the common 19 inch LCD monitors, there are numerous brands to choose from, with the most popular manufacturers being LG and Sony at the high end and Dell and Acer on the low end. Any of these monitors are great choices; it all depends on how much money you are willing to spend. However, where you shop for computer monitors also plays a role in the price you will pay. There are several stores online and offline that are not only reputable, but also inexpensive; these are the places shoppers go to when they want to find great prices on LCD computer monitors.

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